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Letter Writing With Examples And Formats For Beginners

In this post, you are going to learn ‘Letter writing’; If you follow our writing instructions; you can write a letter easily.

letter writing skills

There are two kinds of letter writing : 

  1. Formal Letters – This type of letter is written to school, college, institutions, companies etc.
  2. Informal Letters – This letter is written to friends, parents, relatives, etc.

Parts Of Letters –

  1. Headings – It is the first line of a letter; it is written down the right side of formal letters; and in Informal letters, it is written down the left side of the letter.

Examples – 

Formal LetterInformal Letter
To, The Principal, DCV Intermediate College, Varanasi.A-45, Alok Nagar,Agra.June 15, 2023
To, The Commissioner, Varanasi Nagar Nigam, Varanasi.10, Rana Pratap Marg, Lucknow. July 10, 2023
To,The Editor, The Amar Ujala Press, Sikandra, Agra.Gov. Girls HostleAgra. 5th March, 2003
Letter Writing Skills
  1. The Salutation or Greeting – The writer should use the words which show the relation between him and the letter receiver.
  • To a Relative – My dear Father, My dearest Brother, My dear Uncle, My dear Son, My dear Daughter etc.
  • To a Friend – My dear Akhilesh, My dear Rohan etc.
  • To a Business or a Stranger – Dear Sir, Dear Sirs, Dear Madam etc.
  • To an Officer – Sir, Madam or Dear Sir.
  • To Principal or Teacher – Sir, Madam etc.
  1. The Body Of The Letter – This is the main part of a letter. It should be divided into proper paragraphs. It can be started like –
  • I am happy to know. 
  • I am in receipt of your letter.
  • I received your letter yesterday.
  • It has been a long time since I have heard from you.
  1. The Subscription – The writer should use the following words at the ending point of the letter.
  • To a Relative – Your loving, Your loving son, Your affectionately etc.
  • To a Friend – Your sincerely, Sincerely yours, Your sincere friend etc.
  • To a Businessman or Official – Your faithfully, Your sincerely etc.
  • To an Officer – Your faithfully.
  • To the Principal and Teacher – Your Obediently.
  1. The Signature – The writer should sign the letter; and the address should be written on the envelope at the last.

Examples And Formats For Letter Writing

  1. Examples for Informal Letter writing –

Letter to mother about examination result – Suppose, you are Rohan, living at government girls hostel, Agra. Write a letter to your mother about your half-yearly examination result.

Step – 1 : Write this paragraph at the right side of the letter – First line – Govt. Girls Hostel, Second line – Agra. Third line – 5th March, 2021

Step – 2 : Start your letter with greeting, like – My dear Mother,

Step 3 : Now write the body of the letter, like –

I could not receive your affectionate letter for a long time. I hope all must be well at home. The results of my half-yearly examination are out today. I am glad to tell you that I have secured good marks in almost all subjects. I am busy preparing for the annual examination.

I hope you will write to me soon with respect and love.

Step – 4 :  Now end your letter writing with the subscription, like – write this line at the right side of the bottom – Your affectionately, Second line – Your Name – Rohan

Letter to younger sister – You are Nilu Mishra, living at 1/25, Shahganj, Agra. Write a letter of advice to your younger sister who is preparing for the examination. ( Letter format will be the same as the first letter; only you have to change your address, name and the body of the letter.)

The body of this letter, like – Your examination is very near. I hope you will be very busy studying for the examination. I am going to give you a few pieces of advice to help you.

When you take your seat in the hall, don’t start writing at once. Read the paper carefully two or three times. Then select those questions which you can do best. 

Don’t use unfair means. I hope you will secure a good division in the examination.

Formal Letter Writing Formats Examples

  1. To the Collector to impose a ban on Loud-speakers – Suppose, you are Namrata, preparing for a High School Examination. Write an application to the Collector (D.M.) Agra, drawing his attention to nuisances of loud-speakers and requesting him to ban this practice.

Start writing this letter from the left side – first line – ‘To’, Second line – ‘The district Magistrate’ Third line – ‘Agra’

Write The Body Of The Letter – Start with – Sir, Then write the second paragraph – I want to draw your attention to the nuisance caused by the use of loud-speakers. I am a student of Government Inter College, appearing at the high school examination of UP board. It is a time when all the students are busy day and night preparing for the coming board examination. 

Their success depends much on the proper use of the time and the concentration of their mind. But people do not feel consultation of students’ minds and the value of this time for them. 

They play their loud speaker on a very high pitch. I therefore request you to impose a ban on the use of loudspeakers. 

At the last of the letter – write down first line at the left side – Thanking you, and second line – 25th May 2001; and right side first line – Your faithfully, second line – Your name like – Namrata Mishra

Write An Application to the principal for issuing the transfer certificate – ( Letter format will be formal; only you have to change your name, school’s name, date and the body of the letter.)

The body of the letter – respectfully I beg to state that I was a student of your school. I have passed my high school examination this year. Now I have taken admission in DAV College for further education. I have to submit my transfer certificate there so I humbly request you to issue me my transfer certificate.

I hope, by reading this post, you have learned the kinds of letters, their writing formats and letter writing examples.

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